Find a Volunteer Tester / Observer

  • To find a Volunteer Tester/Observer in your area, enter your zip code in the box below and click the Search button.
  • The list will display the 15 Volunteer Tester/Observers closest to you. Contact a Volunteer Tester/Observer on the list to schedule a time to go through the registration process. They are volunteers and it can take a few days for them to follow up. If you don't get a response via one form of communication do try the other option listed.
  • If there is no Volunteer Tester/Observer within 40 miles, please contact the office for an alternative membership process.
  • You will not gain access to the ATD Member portal until you have completed testing, submitted documents and they have been processed. All the steps needed to join are listed on the "Join, be a member" tab of the website.
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